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Barricade is a former Decepticon and a current chef in Dimension X.

Early life and Chef Career

When Barricade was young on Cybertron he saw the chefs' food and shortly became talented with the art, serving fine foods.

Recruiting to the War

Having made a popular restaurant, Barricade made the trillions out of his special culinary supported by Shockwave. But when the Cybertron Cival War started customers stopped coming by his restaurant. When the last customer ceased to visit, Barricade immediately decided to be a Decepticon, trying to get as much money as possible on the job. But it turned out that Megatron the Decepticon leader, turned out to give no money only strict orders.

Forming of the N.E.C.A.

Having fed up of Megatron's order Barricade decided to retire and come to Human City. Seeing the humans as innocent happy little humans Barricade decided to visit the city only to receive a change of heart to evil-the populace saw him as a giant monster that must be destroyed. With a fury of rage Barricade slaughtered many humans, and allied with Bulwark, Push, Armour, and Shock to form the N.E.C.A. an evil orginization with an acronym nobody knows. Its purpose was to destroy all of the world leaders and flip the world with chaos.

Fall of the N.E.C.A. and rise of the Barricade restaurant

His N.E.C.A. team defeated by the funkeys, Barricade tried to defeat them but eventually Wasabi's team defeated Barricade. Wasabi, the chef of Human City(Funkey City at the time) saw his inner chef and reminded Barricade of his career. Seeing Wasabi think of him as a true friend and not a giant monster, Barricade made a peace treaty with Wasabi.

While living in Funkey City Barricade found himself in a fantastic moneyshot with his career, he restored the Barricades Restaurant, and to this day he serves millions of dollars worth of special foods, with the help of his cook, Shockwave.


Usually Barricade can often get mad at little things. Once someone dropped a plate in Barricade's restaurant and ultimately is the reason to why Barricade's luxurious restaurant is only for the rich. But in time Barricade is more patient and nice. He is also very honorable as he speaks the truth, and is also very sacrificial in the city that faces numerous attacks from extraterrestrial invaders.



Barricade, as a Transformer, is more advanced than his allies, and so are his food. Vorplax Hot Chocolate Stew? How unique! He knows how do boil, cook, fry, bake, and fish as of this moment. He has no known competitors that compare to his own culinary talent.


Like all Cybertronians, Barricade was trained to fight and kill for the win. Though his talent has weakened him, he can punch real hard when he is real mad.

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