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The Funkeys are the next evolutionary forms of humans, and are also extremely advanced.


The Funkeys are the next evolutionary forms of humans, though some humans have not evolved yet. Humans evolve to funkeys only if they grow out of their immaturity.The funkeys have mouse like ears, and are usually skinny enough to wear clothes. Their intelligence is 3x as that of a human, creating flying cars in just 100 years. Funkeys are also known to have a large lifespan, the longest known being 670 years old.


The Funkeys have extremely organized social classes, all from the peasants to the presidents.There are also two new social classes in history, elite and super elite. They are usually better than nobles due to their importance.


Funkeys do wear clothing, but do to evolution, they do not need jackets for the cold, having adapted to high amounts of snow. They do wear scarves and mittens, though. In other words, they have "just enough clothing to cover the body"

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