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The Skarids are extremely advanced species ranging from humanoids to sentient creatures.


Each Skarid humanoid has a different appearance and clothing for religious and cultural reasons(Example: Vegetarians wear a natural feel with added pacifism as part of their religion, Pacifishiom, while omnivores wear any color they want, as long as it isn't pink(Pink scares of Skarids).

Lightspeeds are sentient creatures that are feared throughout the galaxy. Due to their bright, though aggressive traits, Lightspeeds are known to wear any BRIGHT color they wish, hence the name "Lightspeed". The color also signifies their neutrality.

Darkspeeds are another sentient creatures that are feared throughout the galaxy.Due to their dark traits, they are known to wear any DARK color they wish, hencing the name "Darkspeed". The color also signifies their hostile ness.

Tankors are sentient creatures that are not really feared throughout the galaxy, due to their mostly nice appointed ways. They wear any MIDDLE color they wish to signify their middle-behavior.

Flyspeeds are super advanced sentient creatures completely feared in their known universe. They wear neon colors, any they wish to identify their high importance to the other lightspeeds, darkspeeds, and tankors.

Horsespeeds are the oldest species of speeds and is also the weakest species. This species has high rate to extinction. There is only two left in the wild.


Skarids are super advanced humanoids, able to cope with the harsh environment. They are also known to breathe underwater for 25 minutes without a diving suit, due to their ancestors being reptiles. Skarids are known to be 5 ft tall when adults.

Lightspeeds are one of the most advanced creatures, sometimes putting cyborg bodies, or combining themselves to others in order to do things an average Skarid can't do, like for example, breathing underwater for 78 minutes, (or 1 hr. 18 min.). This is due to their ancestors being avian. Lightspeeds grow at an impressive rate of 23 ft, though they can grow higher with cyborg additions.They are not really buff, being only 58 lbs. for their big size. But what makes them stable is for their legs.

Darkspeeds are mostly the same as Lightspeeds, only with the exception of being stronger than them and weigh 233 lbs.

Tankors are less advanced than their relatives, not always being as smart as them, but they are smart enough to insert cyborg bodies into themselves to gain additional abilities. Their intelligent is due to their last ancestor being simian. As such they immediately turn into robotic-looking apes, though they are more organic. They are related to lightspeeds and darkspeeds because their evolutionary forms have the same amount of genes; their ancestors are just "different". They are only 12 ft tall but due to their ancestors, they are a lot stronger than their relatives and weigh 1224 lbs.

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