Time Monsters are dangerous time lords but are the first things in the entire universe.

List of Time Monsters

Features and Appearance

Time Monsters are unique, in that they are the first things in the entire universe. They also have features of the animal they were and its powers too(Time Monster like lions can grasp at prey and slash them). As such there are many powers to note of.

Powers and Abilities

All Time Monsters have the same powers as their representation of animal. But they have many powers any animal may never achieve.

Flight and Levitation

All Time Monsters can fly and levitate into high grounds or even space. Sometimes their flying can take them to different time periods by accident too.


All Time Monsters can teleport. But in order to do this they must master the use in case the teleportation can take them to very hazardous places.


Char is the only known Time Monster to be able to clone self. Clones are usually transparent, but you can still see them clearly, but more as a ghostly pale look. This dignifies how strong Time Monsters are.

Indefinite Life

There are Time Monsters with wrinkles and others with wheelchairs but no Time Monster can die. Even if they do, they will revive and take the person to a time period where others don't know the user at all or to a dystopian dimension where the world has been falling apart.

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