It starts with the dinobots in the sewers(Strafe and Grimlock aren't included). Creaking sounds are heard. They find a wall that has a little crack gleaming sunlight. Slash peeks through seeing that they are rebuilding Funkey City. Slug breaks the wall by charging into it.

                 They go out of the sewers seeing citizens with terrified faces. The citizens start to run to Skarid to be safe.

                Slug roars "WHO IS THE STRONGEST ONE NOW!!!"

                Wasabi shouts "Well your not strong compared to your boner!"

                 "AT LEAST I AM NOT A BONER LIKE YOU" Roars Slug

                  Shockwave charges into the scene and bashes his body at Slug. Slug gets knocked unconscious.

                 "Wasabi, I will will handle them!" said Shockwave


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